With over 23 years of experience in the Kingdom of Jordan and beyond, Sukkarieh Group has earned a sterling reputation as a trusted provider of diversified solutions, designed to satisfy our discerning customers.

Sukkarieh Group internationally represents some of the world’s most acclaimed and innovative brands which range in varying sectors, from Playground Equipment and School Furniture to Filing Systems and Flooring.

We credit ourselves on our ability to not only uphold a company’s reputation but to raise it to ensure utmost success and customer satisfaction.

Sukkarieh Purpose

Sukkarieh Group strives to provide exclusive solutions to our clientele to ensure that they receive products of the highest standard.

Sukkarieh Values

Sukkarieh Group is fueled by Respect, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity. These values allow us to exceed all expectations and provide the best possible service for our well deserving customers.