Sukkarieh Group

School and University Furniture Solutions

You chose the right place! Where education is not just a journey but an experience of unparalleled excellence. With a steadfast dedication to student well-being and safety, we specialize in delivering innovative school and university Furniture Solutions that revolutionize classroom dynamics. Accurately sourced from a global network of premier suppliers, our offerings encompass various essentials, from collaborative and adaptable classroom tables to ergonomic chairs, sleek storage solutions, and cutting-edge IT benches.

Yet, our commitment extends beyond mere furnishings. Envision dynamic school lockers, cutting-edge laboratory seats, and playground equipment designed to ignite imagination and delight. Customized flooring solutions complete the vision, ensuring each educational space becomes a sanctuary of inspiration.

Sukkarieh Group, where every piece of school furniture is too excellent, is shaping a blooming future with brilliant school and university furniture and creating environments where minds flourish.

Smith System

Smith System is a manufacturer of innovative products that make educational environments more healthy, comfortable and inspiring for students and educators.

The spirit of innovation is not confined to our products, rather it extends to the thinking, processes and materials we use to design, manufacture and even ship them.

Smith System works towards making the manufacturing process as efficient as possible, specifically by reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and recycling the extra plastic for use by other manufacturers.

Using high-pressure plastic laminate, thick chrome plating, and rugged edge moldings, we provide school furniture of the highest quality.


With 50 years of expertise, VanErum has expanded its focus from acquisitions to crafting complete classroom furnishings, including school furniture. Sukkarieh Group serves as their trusted agent in Jordan.