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Are you in search of exceptional and innovative storage solutions for your organization?
Look no further than Sukkarieh Group. With an unwavering commitment to quality and access to a global network of top-tier suppliers, we provide a comprehensive array of storage options tailored to various sectors’ unique needs. Whether you’re in business, education, government, libraries, military, museums, or industrial environments, our solutions are meticulously crafted with precision and care, ensuring seamless organization and optimal functionality.

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Montel, a global leader in high-density mobile storage solutions, aims to revolutionize storage practices responsibly. Their expertise spans education, military, museum, industrial, government, and business storage solutions. Etc. Sukkarieh Group serves as their representative in Jordan.



Improve Productivity and Performance with Montel’s Intelligent Storage Systems that Optimize Capacity and Adapt to Your Business’s Changing Needs.

In the ever-more competitive world of business, companies are constantly seeking to gain an edge in terms of productivity and performance. There are many ways to do this: applying new technology, refining systems, streamlining operations. One area that should not be overlooked is storage—choosing the right system can make a positive difference to your organization. And to get the most of your space, the industry benchmark is Montel.

Simply put, whatever the nature of your business—accounting firm, car dealer or tire store, engineering firm, energy company, financial institution, hotel or casino, insurance company, law firm, manufacturing factory, pharmaceutical company or real estate company—Montel delivers the best storage systems in the world.

Our solutions provide intelligent storage that both makes the most of your space and adapts as your needs evolve. Here are just some of the business benefits: building productivity, innovation and teamwork; consolidating staff, equipment and files; maximizing control and security; and opening up more space for operations through more efficient storage of large volumes of material.

Montel offers you an extensive range of exceptional storage solutions, both movable and stationary, large-scale and compact. Depending on your needs, we have modular, mobile, expandable, portable, reconfigurable and economical options for storage, shelving, racking and filing.

Our products are extremely versatile, making them ideal for storing items covering a broad spectrum of industries. Use them for color-coded files, suspended folders, data materials, books, stationery supplies and many other types of material. For departments throughout your company, from administration to HR to IT to maintenance, Montel’s movable and fixed shelving and cabinets will help your operations run more smoothly and efficiently. The bottom line? Montel’s solutions will improve your bottom line.


Put Safety First While Maximizing Storage of Educational Supplies and Equipment with Montel’s High-Density, Customizable Mobile and Stationary Shelving and Racking Systems.

Running an education institution is a careful balancing act. Whether you’re administering a K-12 elementary school or high school, college or university, you have to juggle many priorities: delivering quality education services while keeping costs down, purchasing additional materials while minimizing the space they take up, making full use of your resources without compromising the safety of students or staff.

Montel’s movable and stationary high-density storage systems can help you address all of these needs. Simply put, for shelving and racking education supplies, materials and equipment, Montel has the best and safest storage systems in the world. Our solutions provide intelligent storage that both makes the most of your space and adapts as your institution’s needs evolve.

Our extensive range of exceptional storage solutions, both rolling and stationary, large-scale and compact, has many advantages compared to conventional shelving. With our multi-usage systems, you can achieve the following: reduced administrative costs through more efficient use of space; consolidated staff, equipment and files; improved organization, control and security; and lowered maintenance expenses.

With mobile, modular, expandable, and reconfigurable options all available, our products are extremely versatile. This makes them ideal for storing a broad array of items: student files, library books, athletic equipment, musical instruments and whatever else you may need to give your students the education they deserve.

While administration of an educational institution—whether K-12 school, college or university—is not easy, choosing the right shelving solution. Montel’s systems deliver the safest storage in the industry while maximizing capacity for educational supplies, materials and equipment of all kinds. That’s why we’re the star pupil of the storage class.


Optimize Storage of Government Files, Records and Archives with Montel’s High-Density, Expandable Mobile and Stationary Shelving and Racking Systems.

Running governmental organizations and departments is a constant challenge. Whether at the federal, state/provincial, city/municipal or county level, public administration means balancing many conflicting priorities. Delivering quality services while keeping costs down. Accommodating growing volumes of files and records by either expanding from the inside or relocating documents to the outside. Facilitating access to materials while maintaining an appropriate level of security.

Montel’s movable and stationary high-density storage systems provide you with valuable tools to help you meet these needs. Simply put, for shelving and racking government files, folders, archives and other materials, Montel has the best storage systems in the world. We will help you find an intelligent storage solution that both makes the most of your space and expands as your organizational needs grow.

Our extensive range of exceptional storage solutions, both rolling and stationary, large-scale and compact, has many advantages compared to conventional shelving. Our multi-usage systems will make it possible to achieve the following key goals through optimal use of your space: reduced administrative costs; more room for expansion; more efficient management of filing and record-keeping; consolidated staff, equipment and files; upgraded control and security; and lowered maintenance expenses.

Public administration—whether federal, state/provincial, city/municipal or county—is not easy, but choosing the right shelving solution is. Montel’s systems deliver the most expandable products in the industry while optimizing capacity for files and records of all kinds. That’s why we’re the leading candidate when it comes to government storage.


Optimize Storage of All Your Library Materials with Montel’s High-Density Shelving Solutions That Generate Cost Savings by Saving Space.

The popular image of a library is of a quiet, peaceful place with books neatly arranged on stacks. It all seems simple—but at Montel, we know the truth is different. Library administration is a dynamic process involving the management of constantly expanding collections while providing user services and meeting budgets. That’s why, through decades of library shelving experience, we have developed innovative solutions to optimize your capacity and make your work easier.

No library is complete without books, and we have shelving to comfortably store and file all types of reading material in your stacks: from literary novels, bestsellers, romances and other fiction to biographies, dictionaries and encyclopedias—and even rare books and parchments. We also have systems to manage your periodical and multimedia collections, plus administrative materials from files to book carts.

Our signature library product is Aetnastak®. This unique cantilever shelving system is trusted by institutions worldwide thanks to its outstanding capacity, sturdy yet versatile design, and elegant style. Install it on a high-density powered mobile system such as Mobilex® to leverage your space even further.

Whether it’s Aetnastak® or another Montel product, our library shelving solutions have been meticulously designed to take into account key issues for administrators: the need to expand in future, to protect books and other materials, to integrate stacks into the overall layout of the facility, etc. And, crucially for libraries trying to make do with limited resources, our systems lower administrative costs by saving 50% or more of the square footage used.


Organize Your Military Supplies and Equipment with Strategic Attention to Detail Using Montel’s Versatile, Ready-to-Go High-Density Shelving and Racking Systems.

In the military field, you can never pay too much attention to detail. Every aspect of your operations can be crucial, from the training ground to field operations, from the troops on the front line to the staff in the command center. In planning and strategy, you try to consider everything that could make a difference. At Montel, we believe that storage systems deserve the same attention to detail.

Over our years of designing storage applications for a broad range of fields, including the military sector, Montel has developed a full line-up of products that will address your priorities: efficiency, safety, security, versatility, durability. We recognize that the duties you fulfill, and the supplies and equipment you employ to do so, vary widely. But whatever they are, you can be confident of more organized storage with our solutions—for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, CIA, DoD, DHS and all other organizations in the military sector.

Thanks to the versatility of our line-up, you can be sure there’s a Montel product, either mobile or stationary, for all your needs. Sturdy, lockable cabinets for weapons; secure filing systems for confidential files; high-density solutions for large volumes of equipment—whatever it is, Montel gives you more room by shrinking your storage footprint by 50% or more.

With Montel’s multi-usage shelving, racking and filing systems, you can achieve various objectives that contribute to the overall success of your operations. Consolidation of staff, equipment and files. More organized inventory. Greater control over access to supplies and equipment. Lower maintenance expenses. At the same time, we understand that speed is of the essence, so our products are intelligently designed to ensure ready-to-go access. Montel: organizing storage to be all that it can be.


Master the Fine Art of Storage at Your Institution with Montel’s High-Density Systems Providing Safe, Smooth Shelving for Diverse Artifacts.

At museums, galleries and other exhibition facilities, the art works and artifacts displayed to visitors don’t tell the whole story. Behind the objects on walls and in cases there lies a great deal of work by curators and other staff. These individuals must manage many different administrative details in order to create dynamic, informative, educational spaces.

One of the most important details is collections management and storage. Here, there are two vital questions that must be answered. First, how do you find enough space to handle all your diverse collections, especially when they continue to grow over time? Second, how do you ensure they are stored carefully and securely so that they remain in excellent condition?

Montel has the answer to both questions. A global leader in mobile and stationary museum storage solutions, we can deliver efficient, practical storage for all items at your institution. Not only do we offer customizable products that cover a huge variety of applications, but we have also developed our comprehensive line-up with many safety and security features. As a result, you can be confident your artifacts are preserved and protected.

Whether you’re a museum, art gallery, hall of fame, history center or historical society, Montel’s systems will make intelligent use of your storage space to smoothly manage artifacts, specimens, paintings, photos, sculptures, frames, archives, files, folders, boxes and much more. Trust Montel to help you master the fine art of storage.


Space is a valuable commodity in logistics work. Retailers and distributors who hire third-party logistics teams want to store an incredible amount of products. How else are they expected to meet their customers’ increasing demands? With e-commerce booming, companies have a much broader consumer base to contend with. Logistics divisions ensures these organizations have a fully stocked inventory in a timely fashion.

However, it isn’t all about the retailers. Third-party warehouse logistics companies operate independently from their partners. Therefore, they have their own profits and goals to meet. Intelligent third-party logistics storage not only optimizes space, the industry’s most profitable asset, but increases productivity on the warehouse floor.
Large shipments require industrial storage solutions.

Let the big box stores worry about arranging their products as attractively as possible. Storing pallets and boxes in a warehouse boils down to a single factor: efficiency. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it must be practical.

As warehouse reaches capacity, logistics teams are faced with a very difficult question. They must either spend a significant portion of their budget expanding their facility or rethink their current resources to accommodate greater volume overall. Sure, moving a few tons of equipment around manually could reveal a little extra wiggle room, but nothing substantial enough to take advantage of shrinking vacancy in the industry. After all, when retailers are desperate for the space, they’ll pay top dollar to procure it.

Mobile storage solutions like SafeRak industrial powered racking get rid of a warehouse’s greatest waste of space: the aisle. By reclaiming 50 percent of a warehouse’s storage space, logistics teams can take on more contracts and more products, which in turn, leads to increased profitability.
Adhering to tight schedules and tight corners.

Finding available space for products and materials is just as important as making certain that area can be accessed easily and quickly. Eventually, everything loaded on a warehouse shelving unit will be shipped. But if logistics teams take on extra products, they’ll have to balance their inventory with an active staff and precise scheduling software. Smart storage solutions can complement both of these things.

Mobile storage gives warehouse workers and managers the freedom to move tons of product at the push of a button, allowing crews to manage shipments without sacrificing time or energy. Additionally, industrial storage solutions were constructed with the job in mind. Employees driving forklifts or handling other types of lifting equipment won’t be restricted by close quarters. Wide openings can accommodate industrial equipment or any number of employees.
Smart storage never forgets about employee safety.

With such heavy pallets and powerful machinery about, logistics managers must always consider their employees’ safety. Mobile storage equipped with SafeAisle technology prevents racking units from closing if sensors detect movement or an obstruction. There isn’t an override option either, so when employees or supervisors try to close the aisle and can’t, they know just what they’re looking for. Apart from protecting workers, SafeAisle also secures assets. Should a box or pallet fall to the floor between open mobile racks, employees won’t be liable for accidentally damaging goods by retracting the units. This can save warehouse’s significant money in risk prevention by building it directly into the storage equipment.

Like the industry itself, third-party logistics storage must be as versatile as it is indestructible. As for the structure of the storage units themselves, depending on the model, a single SafeRak unit can hold between 16 and 30 tons of product. For logistics teams, a stronger rack means additional options for stocking products in limbo while they wait for distribution.